Law Of The Lid

Do you feel like your business has hit a roadblock? One of my biggest business lessons is from my friend and mentor John Maxwell. In his book, The Twenty One Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, he starts with the Law of the Lid. The Law of the Lid basically says you’re going to come up against something in your business, in your life, and when you hit that, that’s the amount of success you’re going to enjoy. And so in order to grow, in order to achieve more, you’ve got to identify what that lid is and lift it.

Ten years ago, I was really struggling in my business with retaining top sales professionals and I identified this as a lid and then took action. I readdressed Compensation Plans, I enhanced our company culture to attract and retain top performers.

I added a retention bonus for our sales team and all of those changes led to us lifting our lid. And today, I can tell you I have a team full of loyal top performers. who are not just loyal to me, they’re loyal to our business. And most importantly, they’re loyal to our customers. This is possible for you, too. My question to you is, what is the lid in your business? Write it down now and today, take one action. step towards lifting that lid.

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