How I Do It All

One of the questions that I get asked the most is how do you do it all? And the answer is really simple. I just don’t. I don’t. I have become an absolute master at figuring out what are the essential things that I need to do to spend time with my family and my team.


 Ask yourself what are the things that I can outsource and build a team around and have someone else look after? For example, I don’t grocery shop in the store. I shop online and I don’t even pick up my own groceries. This gives me more time to spend with my team at work and with my kids at home. I have many more examples just like this one that I look forward to sharing with you over the next coming months.


My encouragement to you today, is what is essential in your life and what can you build a team around and outsource and find hacks for, that is not essential? In life, you can’t do it all, especially as a busy business owner. Figuring out what matters most and organizing your life around is the place to start.

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