Get Marketing 2021 Ready with These Tips

Can you believe it’s actually almost 2021? WHERE DID THE LAST YEAR GO?!

The pandemic threw a wrench in all of our plans as we found it next to impossible to map out next steps. For the first time in a while, business closures, unemployment and shocking debt became all too familiar.

But as we hope to change our business outlook over the next twelve months, we need to be proactive in mapping out our next steps. And in a time that remains uncertain, there are things that we can do behind-the-scenes to set us up for success.. even as we err on the side of caution.

Marketing is a balancing act between cost and results. When our wallets might be tighter than usual, choosing the tactics that lead to the highest return on investment will ensure that you get back on track for post-pandemic success.

These are just a few moves that we think that you should make in 2021.

Consider keeping events virtual

As social beings, we love hosting events. Whether it’s to celebrate a company anniversary, new partnership or host a full-blown multi-day conference, events bring people together while increasing brand awareness for your company. But the pandemic had something else in mind… 

The smartest companies actually pivoted to online meetings and events. And in 2021, most attendees will still be wary of traveling to an event after the pandemic. Virtual events are much more accessible, eliminating travel restrictions from the picture while reducing costs. It’s a win-win if you ask us! Don’t forget to still charge a nominal fee. You are offering value that your customers don’t need to leave their house for.

Keeping all of these benefits in mind, we think online events are here to stay.

Focus on eCommerce

Brick and mortar stores were hit HARD over the past year, as many physical locations shut their doors permanently in exchange for an online presence. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Those that were wary of shopping online before have had to pivot to eCommerce to obtain their essentials and favourite products, especially during lockdown.

Social commerce is becoming a critical part of social media. And it’s pretty cool that we can shop without even going to a website or online store these days! Keep an eye on Instagram Shops and Reels, now offering an immersive full-screen storefront experience. And if this isn’t a popular tactic within your industry yet, even better. Become a trendsetter and reap the results while you’re at it.

Think collaboration

There is nothing we’re more passionate about than seeing other successful female business owners help each other. Brand collaborations are picking up traction for the ability to supercharge innovation while massively increasing our audience. After all, two heads are better than one.

Even better, partner with a nearby non-profit. It always looks (and feels!) good when we can offer a portion of our proceeds to support local.

And don’t forget video

Video will continue to dominate the social scene in 2021 and that is no surprise after the skyrocketing popularity of platforms like TikTok. Now, Instagram Reels has unveiled its own version of short-form, engaging and outrageous videos that go viral. Today, production value has decreased while we favour more organic options from our favourite brands and businesses. Less is more, as long as you have an important message to share.

So, what next?

Don’t ever overlook the importance of being human! As we ease into the new normal, many of us will remain virtual for some time. And if the trends tell us anything, it’s that the need for connection and collaboration still remains a top importance. 

What are your top marketing priorities for the upcoming year?


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